"We can't be driven into a corner so easy!"

The spiritual predecessor was found in 1986 by mechanical engineers. Since 2005 we are at customer's disposal with refreshed name, renewed organization but with the old group of engineers and their experience of many years.

Activity of the company:
-Design and development of the railway rolling stocks
-Design and development of the rolling stocks on the road
-Design and development of the other engineering equipment

The company employs 12 engineer-designers on 2D and 3D workstations. The documentation made by our company can be verified by Finite Element Method stress calculation, as the customer wants.

Professional skill of our engineers provide supply the high standard of documentation for manufacturing as subcontractor, efficiently manage the peeks of engineering work for our customers.

We can provide our services working in office of customer as it need. Further possibility for co-operation is the representation of customer on project in a third country.

Sőrés Árpád
General Director