Railway Vehicles
  description customer year
Design of the remotorization for locomotive type DVM2, modification of the underframe, design of the arrangement of the Diesel group. GySEV 1994
Design of the wagon for containers type WTC'40. MÁV Debreceni
Járműjavító Kft.
Design of the wagon for containers type Lgss. MÁV Debreceni
Járműjavító Kft.
Design of the inside equipment and furniture of the railway coach restaurant for Russian Railways. MÁV ADtranz Dunakeszi Jjav. Kft. 1998
Design of the whole documentation for authority and the manufactory of the tank wagon type Zaces. Organisation of Greek Railways 1999
Design of the remotorization and modernization for Diesel-electric locomotive type M62R. Hungarian National Railways 2000
Design of modernization of the branch works of the Diesel-electric locomotive
Hungarian National Railways 2001
OSE Bmpz type coach for 200 kph speed , modification of coach documentation for Hungarian technology. Bombardier MÁV Kft. 2002
Design of the wagon for containers type WTC'49. MÁV Debreceni
Járműjavító Kft.
Bz type twin coach. Modification of head walls at the connecting ends, installation of coupler and turntable / bellow. MÁV VASJÁRMŰ Kft. 2004
Making the drawing documentation and stress calculation of car bodies for KT8A3-M-LF low floor middle section tram project. Szegedi Közlekedési Kft. 2006

On order of TransTec Maschinenbau GmbH there have been engineered production drawings and drawings of devices for welding and assembly processes of a bogie for coach planned for a speed of 200 km/h to be used by the Egyptian National Railways.

TransTec Maschinenbau GmbH 2006
For the Company MÁV CARGO there has been made Hmrrs type waggon via rebuilding of two Gbs waggons MÁV VASJÁRMŰ Kft. 2007

Drawing up a feasibility study to configuring of a track and rail measuring car of FMK-009 type, on request of the Central Rail and Track Inspection Ltd of the Hungarian State Railways (MÁV)

MÁV Központi Felépítményvizsgáló Kft. 2008
Elaborating of the design documentation for the operator's cab of a KT8A3-M-LF type tram with mid-mounted low-floor car Tornádó International Kft. 2009