Creating blueprints for a dual-mode articulated city bus for Boston – 2002-2003


On Order of the Massachusetts Bay Transprotation Authority – MBTA (Boston), Neoplan USA Corp. (NUC) contacted to deliver 32 units 60 ft.Dual-Mode Articulated city bus with low floor at all doors. The buses needed to be equipped with low-emission Diesel power (clean Diesel) and with emission free electrical propulsion supplied from overhead line as well.

As to that time NUC had no experience in production of dual mode vehicles, it needed appropiate subcontractors to be involved to fulfill the contract.

Skoda-Energo Plzen was contracted for developing of the complete dual mode powering control and for delivery of the electrical propulsion, while INVENT Engineering Ltd. was engaged for design duties of the bodywork and the installations of mechanical components.

In the course of the design work the Engineers of INVENT prepared the production documentations of: – the skeleton constructions of the bodywork; – the installation drawings of the articulation joint and folding bellows; the external and internal coverings, the windows; the different provisions and assemblies of the passenger room; – and the great majority of the installation of mechanical components as well.

The DMA vehicles operate in the above-ground road traffic as ”clean-diesel” buses using their low-emission diesel-gen set, while in tunnels under the Down-Town and the see channel between Air-port and mainland as ”zero emission” trolley buses using their electrical propulsion supplied from overhead line.

Development of a dual mode articulated vehicle 435T – 1991-1992